Holistic view – relevant insights through a change of perspective

In logistics and the supply chain, topics are often interwoven and connections are usually not obvious at first glance. The main reason for this is that logistics usually has a cross-sectional function in companies and affects a wide variety of areas.

This fact shows that logistics projects are usually very complex. In order to be able to grasp and present them completely and correctly, methodically planned changes of perspective are suitable in order to completely grasp the interrelationships and partial aspects with different points of view.

This methodology has established itself as a “holistic” view and approach. How important this can be within the framework of a methodology in order to achieve reliable results is shown by the following presentation …

pic: tangyauhoong

Detailed view vs. holistic view – relevant change of perspective …

From the very beginning, proLOG has included the holistic view of consulting (“TopDown”) and engineering (“BottomUp”) in its range of methods. This is often underlined and supported by a concentric approach to given project topics.