PUMA Geiselwind

PUMA – an exciting project for years! proLOG has already been active in other topics for PUMA and has been involved in this project from the very beginning. When a project like this comes into being and grows continuously, a wide variety of topics are important and have to be considered at different points in time. Therefore, the complete proLOG portfolio was relevant in this project. Although the dimensions and key figures are known long before realisation, one is surprised every time to see the sheer size in reality. The video gives a good impression of both the key figures and the structural dimensions: https://youtu.be/rhHPDsI5_mw

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist PUMA-Geiselwind-aus-CATCH-UP-schraeg-1024x528.jpg